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Death Echo: Vol. 1


Genre: Science Fiction / Surreal / Short Story Collection

Publisher: Crimson Key Publishing

Release Date: 26th of March 2017

eBook and paperback available here:  Death Echo: Vol. 1

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What are people saying about Death Echo: Vol.1?

“Death Echo is a pinch of Ray Bradbury, a dollop of Neil Gaiman, with an episode of Doctor Who thrown in, and I loved it!”

– Kath Cross,

“If the author can write a full length book to this standard he will be very successful.”

– Glenn on Amazon

“Ultimately, I think this is a book people will discover in a few years, when the author is well known and people will go back to discover their new favourite author’s early work. It will itself become an echo, a moment, something to be rediscovered and treasured.”

– Dan on Amazon 

“Really thoughtful and interesting stories that are wonderfully bitesize.”

– Mary-Eve on Goodreads 

“I found that I could dip into the stories within Death Echo as a way to understand or feel a loss that questions. For this reason, I await vol. 2.”

– Amy on Goodreads

“The fact that you can read the whole story in one sitting is great but not only that, each story is good enough to have its own book.”

– Lucy on Amazon

“I almost never read sci-fi or paranormal fiction, but I enjoy the author’s blog so I thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t sorry–his imagination is amazing.”

– Kate on

Broken Bones & $10 Bills – short story: Husk

Genre: Science Fiction Anthology / Short Story

Publisher: Alternative Realities Publishing

Release Date: 1st of June 2017

Available here:
UK –