Radio Silence = Busy Writer

I’m a firm believer that the quieter a writer is the more they’re writing. This has certainly been the case with me. These last few months I’ve buried myself in my work in order to reach a pretty extreme deadline. The thought of missing it fills me with dread, but I mustn’t let my desire for progress get in the way of the quality of the final product. All told I have around a month to get things in order.

I’ll make more announcements closer to the deadline, as I’ll have a better idea of what’s happening. In the meantime rest assured that every free moment I have is spent agonizing over the hobby that I so dearly wish to make a career.

– Sebastyan


50th blog post!

Wow, where has that time gone? I started this blog as a means to promote and discuss Death Echo: Vol.1 along with having a point of contact as a self published author. In both respects it has performed pretty well. I’m not built for social media – it’s like a game that I struggle to play. All the same it feels good to rabbit on to whoever will listen!

A big thank you to all those still here!

Here’s a breakdown of my timescale for future projects. They might not mean must to you but this seems as good a place as any to put it all down:

August 31st – Proper Magic rewrite draft complete – editing begins

November 1st – Death Echo: Vol.2 complete and up for pre-order

December 1st – Death Echo: Vol.2 releases

January 1st – Begin looking for an agent for Proper Magic

January onward – SWEET SWEET PROFIT

January onward – begin work on Death Echo: Vole.3

And now for the important part, the gifs.

– Sebastyan


To those of you who don’t know:

Discworld is a comic fantasy book series written by the English author Terry Pratchett, set on the fictional Discworld, a flat disc balanced on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle, Great A’Tuin.

Isn’t it perfect? How many fantasy books are out there with their own worlds? How many weird, made up names have authors created? Yet none are so memorable as the Discworld. None match its creative simplicity. Why is this? I think there are three reasons:

  • The absurdity of it – (see above description)
  • It plays on the silly idea of a flat earth – (Any flat earthers in the house??)

and perhaps most crucially:

  • The word makes sense!

This last one I find the most interesting. Go up to someone and say ‘Discworld’. They may well tell you to fuck off, but at the same time they’ll get an image in their head, perhaps not of the turtle and the elephants, but of a disc shaped world. It marries two words that people understand: ‘disc’ and ‘world’ and builds something amazing around it.

How can a writer match that?

In my current novel: ‘Proper Magic’, I have a fantasy world. I have a concept that I hope will set it apart from its peers, but it still needs a name and I can guarantee it’ll be no Discworld…

Ah well, aim for the stars. Who knows: you may hit an elephant.

– Sebastyan

Writing Romance

Most of my characters didn’t DO romance. Which is weird because I’m all about love. Between partners, family members friends. Love is very important to me. Yet in writing I struggle with it. I realized a few days ago why I avoided it – I was afraid of it! Or rather, I was afraid of doing it wrong.

After spit-balling some ideas around with a friend I decided to take the plunge with writing romance. Hold up, Seb, you just said you struggle with it – why dive into romance? Well, random voice inside my head – when you struggle with things it usually means you’re having to learn something NEW. Learning is cool.

Learning IS cool, right?

Here’s the beautiful bit, though: by pushing myself into one project outside my comfort zone I’ve been able to re-evaluate character relationships in another, far more developed story. I’ve been able to let my guard down and really get into the nitty gritty details of their imperfect, unlucky, but ultimately beautiful love.

I’m not sure if there’s a moral here.


That’ll do for now. Anyway, I’m really happy that I have this whole new window open to me. I’m not afraid of it any more. THAT’S IT!

Don’t fear the unknown, embrace it.

– Sebastyan

And Now For Something Entirely Different…

Death Echo: Vol 1 is out there and accruing some lovely reviews. But as ever with creative exploits one must drive forwards and not dawdle.

Death Echo: Vol 2 is most definitely underway and if things go well it might even come out before this year is done (no promises!). I have a huge amount of ideas as to where to take the series and the feedback has been massively helpful.

But enough about that! For the time being it’s back to novels for me! I’d like to introduce my next big project:

Proper Magic

A Kingdom Obscurer Novel

I wrote Proper Magic last year and it came to around 65,000 words. By the end of it I was happy with the characters, the world, and most of the events, but I found the story itself lacking. I felt like I hadn’t done them justice. An important part of writing is knowing when to delete and rewrite your work. This was one of those occasions.

So I set myself a task – now knowing the characters and the world I had to do it all over again, but with better pacing, action, development and world building. I just reached 15,000 words and it feels amazing. I feel like this could be the one, not to jinx it or anything…


Proper Magic is a sword and sorcery/heroic fantasy with a comical, quite often subversive edge. So expect related blog post to be coming from me about the process. I’ll be going into more depth about the characters as things develop with this second run.

That’s all from me for now. Oh, and Happy Easter for Sunday!

giphy1– Sebastyan

One Week Later: Death Echo: Vol. 1

It has been a week since Death Echo: Vol. 1 launched. As many of you know this was my first real launch of a title. It has done really well, with over 100 downloads/paperback sales in the first four days! Considering I don’t have much reach this really surprised me, especially the paperbacks!

I’ve not really checked back after that, because I don’t want it to turn into a numbers game (that way madness lies!).

All in all it’s been a really good first experience, and the few bad things I heard about Amazon KDP and the new physical print option have been thoroughly dispelled – it all ran smoothly. Formatting was a bit of a struggle but I think that was mainly down to my own mistakes (Thanks to Nicole and Bryony for helping me to fix it!).

So where next? Well, I have a novel to keep working on, and then there’s Death Echo: Vol. 2 ;D

Plenty to be getting on with!

I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the people who downloaded and bought the book.


Seriously, your support means everything to me! The reviews have started filtering back on Amazon and Goodreads and they’ve all been very complimentary.

I’d also like to say a massive thank you to my illustrator, Jade. Her work really brought the whole project together and the cover alone has had so many compliments! I look forward to working with her again in the rest of the Death Echo saga!

TD:LR – The launch was a success, I’m hugely motivated to keep going and to improve my writing. You’re all amazing!

– Sebastyan

Why Do I Write? – A Series of Reasonable Events

I started seriously writing at the age of 23. By then I had my first degree, and a masters, and I’d toyed with the idea of a few professions. Nothing really held my interest. I’m awful at focusing on a thing I’m not captivated by.

I can’t remember where the decision came from – I’d always enjoyed writing, but actually writing books was something which happened to other people.

My first attempt was a steampunk story. It was called The Death of Yantian Drow and it ended up being 140,000 words long. That’s an insane number, looking back on it. I forced myself to write 1000 words a day and somehow I kept up!

I still have it saved somewhere, and I imagine I’ll take a look at it again at some point. It never even made it to the proof reading stage.

My second attempt was called Spire and I even made it to the submitting stage. I have a page full of rejections from agencies! It was quite the learning curve. As with anything – rejections will wear you down after a while. Here’s the important thing – don’t let it jade you. Don’t become bitter. Bitterness is the enemy of life.

As a break I tried short stories and actually had a little success with that. A story of mine called Husk will be published as part of a collection some time this year.

Bolstered by this I turned back to long form writing. By this point I had a dozen little projects half made and I realized I needed more focus. To this end I wrote up a list of those I really wanted to get finished. You can read a little about these here.

Coming next month I’ll be dipping my toe into the dark waters of self publishing. This will be a collection of short stories called Death Echo and will come out on Amazon.

Depending on the experience I might stick with self publishing, or return to the wheel of submissions – or both! … Probably both.

Where was I going with this?


Oh, right.

Why do I write?

I like to make things up and I dislike reality.

That’s not to say I dislike MY reality. I have brilliant friends and a partner who couldn’t be more perfect – but reality is generally a bit disappointing. There are less dragons and spaceships around than I hoped there would be.

Writing is my way of coming to terms with that.

I write – not because it’s the only thing I’m good at – but because it’s the only thing I WANT to be good at. If I’m good at writing then I can really knuckle down on ignoring reality and building my own little world.

If others end up wanting to come with me to these little worlds then that’s even better.


Sorry for the self indulgent ramble… everyone needs one now and then!

Over to you – why do you write?

– Sebastyan