About Me


Sebastyan lives in Cardiff with his fiancé Nicole and a hamster named Panda. After completing his Masters in Literature, Culture and Society he bounced around the world of web magazine articles until finally settling on prose writing as his chosen contribution to the writing community. He now has a number of novels nearing completion and a short story collection called ‘Death Echo’ coming out on the 26th of March 2017. He likes funny books which make you cry, and sad scenes that make you laugh.

He keeps a regular blog about his writing misadventures. If you stand well back and squint a bit it might look like he knows what he’s doing. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram and tell him to get back to work.

– Online Presence.

When I find myself at a block I turn to blog writing. I find it a useful place to talk about how my writing and editing processes change over time. I also find it a useful place to share my experiences and the little titbits I’ve picked up along the way.

I wouldn’t say that I have a prolific online presence, but I’m quick to sing the praises of publishers, agents and fellow writers whose work I like.



– Community

A pet peeve of mine is writers who don’t help other writers. Whilst I’m not a part of any regular groups I do have a network of fellow writers on social media. Between us we share any interesting competitions that arise and then help each other along the way.

– Projects 

Title: Spire

Word Count: 88,000 words

Genre: Dystopian

Status: Complete, looking for agency/publisher

Spire is the story of a vast walled city and its fall into madness, as seen through the eyes of a handful of inhabitants. Key among these is a young woman named Eleanor Mayhew. Since the death of her mother Eleanor has gotten used to taking care of her three little brothers: Talith, Edward and Leal. When the gates are sealed and her father goes missing in the ensuing riots it’s up to Eleanor to brave the violent, war-torn streets and try to get her family to safety. Little does she know that all is not as it seems: there is something rotten below the ancient city and there are far more dangerous things than people to worry about…

Title: Fawn and Hunter

Word Count: N/A

Genre: Fantasy

Status: Not yet completed

Fawn and Hunter follows the exploits of two unlikely heroes. One low life conman, Ronald D Hunter, and the other a warrior scout, Fawn. Ronald is a human and Fawn is one of the Kinn – a race of antlered, beast people. The only problem is their species have been at war since the beginning of time, doomed to repeat the same terrible mistakes.

But what if there was something else behind this bloodshed? It will take the partnership of two polar opposites to get to the bottom of things.

Title: Goliaths

Word Count: N/A

Genre: Science Fiction

Status: Not yet completed

When Calista Forgrave’s small scavenger ship drops out of Rail Jump in an apparently unexplored section of space she’s excited to possible find some untapped resources. What she finds instead is a legendary Juggernaut space cruiser- one of the Goliath Vessels.

But what is an almost mythical ship doing out here? Why are their aloof Frawl guarding it and what happened to the original crew of humans and insectoid Shuen? Soon she’s caught up in a conspiracy that spans the entire Galaxy and to survive she’s going to need friends, of all shapes and sizes.


Title: Rhino and the Bone Troup

Word Count: N/A

Genre: Fantasy

Status: This novel is aimed towards younger readers, to this end it is split into three smaller books. The first of these books is completed.

The Bone Troupe is a feared group of highly skilled warriors who are renowned across the land for getting the job done, no matter the cost. Led by their revered leader, Rhino, and his second in command, Panda, the group have a new quest which drives them across the land.

Oh, did I mention they were hamsters? Riding atop war-ferrets? Surely I did?

The undead Swarm are creeping towards the Rat Kingdom and Rhino plans to put a stop to them, but to do that he must find the source…

Title: Proper Magic

Word Count: N/A

Genre: Fantasy Parody

Status: Not yet complete

Proper Magic follows the exploits of Princess Eleni as she explores the Continent of Kingdoms. She does so with a battle axe and a positive attitude. With proper magic I hope to answer that age old question – what would Xena Warrior Princess have made of the Goblin King’s Labyrinth…?