Meeting Edits Head On

When I was in university I was one of those students who would get an essay back, only to skip to the end to get my grade and then never look at it again. My ability to write academically suffered because of this.

Years later during my Masters I had to really focus on my mistakes, but even then I struggled to really take it in.

Now that I’m pursuing creative writing it’s more important than ever. The hardest thing is trying to understand how I can make such simple mistakes? We’re all guilty of it, but I mean… the wrong kind of ‘Where/were’ in the first paragraph? How did I miss that!?


Haha, this sounds more negative than I meant it too. It blows my mind how blind we can be of our own work sometimes.


Proofreaders = vital

– Sebastyan

p.s. Like the cover image? Follow this link.


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