Setting Goalposts in Writing

Writing is lonely, even in a blogging rich community. When it all comes down to it the root of our passion begins at an empty word document with just our thoughts for company.
I enjoy structure, to a point. Writing has none. You can write and write and write and get nowhere in traditional writing. Then when you do get through things are out of your hands. You have to wait on other people’s timetables.
Self publishing is a little different. You can set your own goalposts because you have more control. In this case you have to rein yourself in to not go rushing off and putting stuff out there which is under-cooked.
What’s true for both is that when your doing all this, on your own, you have to set realistic goalposts. You can’t just say ‘I’ll write a novel’. That will drive you insane. That’s the end game, not the immediate goal.
Instead think along the lines of a set word count every day. I consider it a good day if I write 600 words and I have two novels finished and an anthology of short stories (anthology coming out soon!) so it does mount up to something.
Life is a series of journeys all made of little steps. We all get to the end eventually. There’s no need to rush ahead and lose your mind. Pace yourself.
Consistency is the key, find your dreams and stick to them – soon enough they’ll start sticking to you.
– Sebastyan

2 thoughts on “Setting Goalposts in Writing

  1. Setting easily achievable goals is a good way to trick the mind. Saying “I’ll clean the house” is daunting, because you’re aware of all the work that involves. Saying “I’ll clean the bathroom” doesn’t make cleaning easy, but it is achievable. From there on you can say “I’ll dust the woodwork” and then “I’ll hoover the carpet”. Compartmentalizing difficult tasks such as writing functions the same way. Our minds tend to find 3 x 3 hour sessions easier to justify than 1 x 9 hour session, even if the end result either way is still 9 hours of work. It’s a good idea to remember that going from A to B, unless you’re a magician, is usually more than the two-step process it might appear to be.

    Good post!

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